Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glockenspiel rhythm idea

You may notice that I write a bunch of stuff on this blog that is not directed to the public, but to me, myself and I. The reason for this is simple. I'm the only one who reads this, why am I putting this disclaimer anyway?

OK, here's the problem. In my Orff, level one course, as well as in Denise Gagne's Orff Source book, most of the glockenspiel parts are quarter notes played on beat 1 or 4 of each measure. I have had a tough time trying to get kids to play on beats 1 and 4 only, especially while everyone else is playing oom pah oom pah on alto and bass xylophone or even worse, the evil rhythm known as "will, you, be my friend!".
Here is an example of what i'm talkin' bout (click to make it bigger):

So, my idea is simple...cuz I've been doing it all wrong. Here's the sequence I'm going to try:

1. Teach kids to say "pat rest rest pat - pat rest rest pat" over and over again while making the up motion on every rest

2. Have half the kids keep a steady half note or quarter note beat while the other half says and pats the pat rest rest pat glock part

3. Split the groups into three parts like this:
Part A: pat rest pat rest -bass
Part B: res pat res pat -alto
Part C: pat res res pat -glocks

4. Transfer to instruments and repeat (or maybe start off on instruments to save time)

5. Sing a song that goes with a basic chord bordun while kids play accompaniment.

I'm not going to ask them to sing until we've practiced this a few times.

OK, that's it....I'll let you know if it works and maybe do a recording once I get this podcast thing figured out.

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